About Us

Sand Dollar Sports was founded in 1984 by Suzanne Fernandez. Our specialty at that time was snorkel tours. She successfully ran these operations for the first 10 years. In 1994 Sand Dollar Sports brought John Flynn on board to expand operations and create new windows of opportunity.

During the last 10 years Sand Dollar Sports expanded its tour offerings to all the major cruise lines more than tripling its capacities while maintaining a spotless safety record. In 1996 the opportunity arose to begin working with the Reef Club Cozumel as their in house dive operator.

Sand Dollar Sports currently provides services with our fleet of 9 vessels, 120 employees and 4 locations on the Island of Cozumel. We provide the most complete hyperbaric coverage and internationally accredited insurance coverage available.

Some of our cruise clients include , Disney Cruise Lines, Azamar and Celebrity to name a few high end ships we work with. Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Holland America and Princess Cruise Line are all long standing partners and would be more than willing to vouch for our record of customer service and safety.

Sand Dollar Sports was one of the founding companies of the Cozumel Marine Park initiative in 1996. We are also members of ANOAAT which helped to advise and review the new rules and regulations as the Marine Park began its formation. Over the last 20 years we have continued to work hand in hand with the Marine Park on many environmental initiatives.

After hurricane Wilma (2005) we invested over 40,000usd in placement of 100 Reef Balls to ensure fish habitat and return of the coral reef systems that were destroyed. As part of this investment the government stepped in and provided another 1,000,000 pesos to expand the area of artificial reef systems placing more fish habitat in the surrounding area.

Sand Dollar Sports over the last 10 years has continued to move toward sustainable tourism through environmental awareness and education.

Our most recent program is called “ZOEcoral”. This allows you to visit us via live underwater webcam. You can watch us diving and snorkeling while we visit with the “ZOE” sculpture. Visit us a ZOEcoral.com and watch the action.

We are working closely with PROFEPA creating an environment of energy efficiency, recycling and elimination of waste.


Sand Dollar Sports is a group of companies whose livelihood is derived from the environment. Our responsibility as a tour operator is to make sure we protect our destination and educate all of our guests of the importance each and every one of us has when we interact with our natural wonders. Melding the practices of sustainable tourism with social responsibility our goal is to provide a solid economic platform through environmental awareness leading by example.


Sand Dollar Sports vision is to open new international markets that will bring to our clients a closer, more intimate understanding of what makes that location unique; through tours, expeditions and educational programs that are provided by the best trained guides and instructors in the industry, in doing so our clients will have the opportunity to interact with the local environment and culture at a much more personal level.