Why Book With Us


For over 35 years of experience in the marine tours industry, Sand Dollar Sports has become a company that cares about the environment and the impact we have on the planet, the reefs and the surrounding ecosystem. During all these years we have been supporting local initiatives to protect the environment. With us you can enjoy unbelievable experiences with local & professional staff, respecting and preserving the environment for the future generations; we have large boats with Certified Divers, professional PADI Instructors & Dive Masters who provide complete briefings with an emphasis on safe diving and best practices, without disturbing the marine life.

We have been working for many years with the National Marine Park of Cozumel on many environmental initiatives. After hurricane Wilma (2005) we invested over 40,000usd in the placement of 100 Reef Balls to ensure fish habitat and return of the coral reef systems that were destroyed. We also work with the federal government PROFEPA on an ecological balance and environmental protection. We sponsor local athletes, we support an NGO organization, CIMAC, dedicated to the conservation and investigation of Cozumel´s environment, providing diving courses to volunteers, as well as cleaning beaches projects. Sand Dollar Sports provides the boats and dive equipment for these projects.

We are a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort and have obtained the Certified of Excellence IN Trip Advisor over 450 reviews with Great comments from our happy customers. We proudly have in our location the first Coral Lab in Cozumel and support the NGO Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program. You are booking with a company knowing that you are contributing to preserve our coral reefs for many generations to come. We must maintain conservation, preservation, and sustainability in the diving business of ecotourism.

We thank you in advance for choosing us, we will be waiting for you to enjoy our beautiful waters. Here we share our best practices for your next visit to protect our amazing island of Cozumel.

  • It is not allowed to stand on, touch or hold the coral reefs. Please keep a distance of 5 feet from the reefs (1.5 meters). Also keep the fins away from the sand to avoid raising sediments, and be careful of your underwater hands and fins movements.
  • It is prohibited: fishing, collecting or disturbing any marine organism, fish, coral, shells, winkles, starfish, etc.
  • All sunscreens are considered pollutants and not allowed. We encourage our guest to wear rash guards or long sleeves swimsuits instead.
  • It is not allowed to carry spears, hooks, harpoons or explosives, carry gloves or knives.
  • Do not disturb or remove fauna and flora from their shelters.
  • Do not feed any fish or animal, dispose of any kind of solid waste, fuel, grease, oil or any other liquid substance.
  • Avoid buying products made of coral. Most corals are covered under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): black coral, and popular decorative species such as blue, fire, stony, and lace corals among them. While some of these species can be sold legally in some places, ocean advocates caution that the trade is highly unregulated and that there´s no way of knowing what has been harvested sustainably. The deep water red and pink corals often found in jewelry, are as yet unregulated, though there´s a movement to get them listed under CITES. In the meantime, according to the Coral Reef Alliance, if we care about the health of ocean reefs, it´s best to avoid coral products: “ Don’t buy coral jewelry or curios and household goods made from animals that once lived in the ocean—that includes shells! Harvesting these species can cause significant habitat destruction or dramatically reduce populations.”

Please spread the word and see you soon!!