Sand Dollar Sports policies and principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

At Sand Dollar Sports we commit to Sustainability and Social Responsibility, therefore we have developed this document intending to integrate ethical, economic, social and environmental guidelines, both internal and external. To assume the responsibility generated by the impact of our activities on society and the environment, promoting respect for our ecosystem, human rights and especially for girls, boys, and adolescents. We hereby commit ourselves to be a socially responsible company, so that every member of our group will be able to collaborate in all our areas using the following principles:

1. To respect and care for the environment, protect children and adolescents in the field of travel and tourism by promoting a culture of zero tolerance for practices such as trafficking in persons and sexual and or labor exploitation of girls, children, and adolescents, as basic objectives.

2. Not to discriminate against collaborators due to race, religion, age, nationality, social origin, sex, marital status or any other personal or social condition outside of their conditions of merit and ability, and we reflect this in our hiring.

3. To raise awareness and adequately continuously train all our employees, through courses and training programs related to the improvement of quality and the environment.

4. We will seek to develop alliances with suppliers that act responsibly towards the environment of the local community, maintaining loyalty and ethics towards these suppliers to promote with suppliers the win-win relationship that allows the development of long-term alliances.

5. Promote reducing, reusing and recycling; working on waste management in an environmentally friendly way, buying recycled and certified paper and sustainably makes its consumption, reducing its use and reusing it.

6. We strive to use biodegradable hygiene and cleaning products, electrical equipment and energy-efficient vehicles.

7. We take actions to reduce the purchase of individual packaging and the use of disposable packaging and products that cannot be recycled or reused.

8. Water-saving is very important. Therefore, we must adopt respectful and efficient habits in our daily use, not only to manage and ration this resource but also to control the consumption of energy and natural resources, through energy efficiency.

9. Periodic supervision of the application and compliance with our sustainability and quality policies, as well as other requirements that are indicated to prevent contamination and ensure that we control and evaluate the degree of compliance.

10. Participate in our Sustainable Management System with our suppliers, subcontractors, employees, authorities, customers and the rest of society, making them participants of it.

11. Provide our clients with information related to our principles on Sustainable Development and Management and what we do to preserve the environment and local culture.

12. Promotion of local, cultural and sports development activities for the community, commitment to the protection of historical and cultural heritage, involvement and motivation of the company personnel in the participation of said activities.

13. Evaluate systematically and continuously the impact of our activities on the destination by establishing a process of constant improvement of environmental, economic, social and customer satisfaction, based on the objectives and goals set by the company’s management.

14. When acting on behalf of the company, maintain the principle of political neutrality, as a sign of respect for the different opinions and sensibilities of all people linked to the company.

15. Maintain a relationship with public authorities and institutions in a lawfully and respectful manner.

16. Collaborate with the public administration and with the different entities and non-governmental organizations dedicated to improving the levels of social care of the most disadvantaged.

17. Evaluate and update periodically our objectives and goals, as well as review, modify and adapt our Management System based on the reality of our locations and tourist destination.

Coral Restoration Lab1-min
Coral Restoration Lab2-min
Coral Restoration Lab3-min
Coral Restoration Lab-min
Coral Restoration1-min
Coral Restoration2-min
Coral Restoration-min
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Activities with NGO support Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration

Ecological Showers-min
Led Lamps-min
Waterless Toilet 2-min
Waterless Toilet-min
Waterless Urinal-min
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Efficient use of natural resources (water and electricity)

No Straws Sign1
No Straws Sign-min
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Elimination of plastic straws

Biodegradable Packaging
Biodegradable Packaging1
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Elimination of polystyrene

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Environmental education workshops

Biodegradable Cleaning Products

Partnerships with suppliers committed to the environment

Recycling Pet
Recycling Pet1
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Plastic bottles reduction

Biodegradable Sunscreen
No Sunscreen Sign
No Sunscreen Sing
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Reduction of sunscreen use

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SeaWalls Sponsor

Seabed Clean Up1
Beach Clean Up
Beach Clean Up1
Beach Clean Up2
Seabed Clean Up
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Support for beach and seabed cleanups

Soap and Paper Dispenser
Napkins Dispenser
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Use of controlled devices for paper supplies

Biodegradable Cleaning Products
Reef Safe Sunscreen
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Use of environmentally friendly products

Waste Sorting

Waste reduction and sorting

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability policies please contact:

Sustainability Coordinator
Mobile 521.987.871.04.26
65th Ave. #216 Cozumel, Mexico

Commited to enviromental awareness through education!