Sand Dollar Sports policies and principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

As a company that has offered tourism services for over 40 years, Sand Dollar Sports (SDS) is recognized as a company with high influence on sustainability-oriented tourism practices. Therefore, we are committed to develop, apply, evaluate, and promote within the company, policies-oriented trough sustainability and social responsibility. This is to minimize the possible negative impacts that our activities could have on the environment or the community, thus providing a positive example for customers, partners and society. In general, SDS is committed to:

A. Designate a representative within the company to coordinate activities related to the sustainability of tourism practices and all the activities within the company.

B. Develop an accessible and written sustainability policy that aims to reduce the negative social, cultural, economic, and environmental impacts of the company’s activities; that includes health and safety aspects related to employees.

C. Monitor the implementation and compliance of our sustainability and quality policies, as well as other requirements that may be indicated, in order to prevent bad practices.

D. Ensure the company’s transparency in sustainability through public reporting and communication.

Our sustainability policy is divided into 3 sections: Environment, Society and Economy, each with a series of principles and actions focused on the benefit of both the ecosystems and the community, as well as the company’s collaborators and clients.

1. Environment: 25 Principles oriented towards the saving of resources and energy and the reduction of the ecological footprint of company’s activities. As well, those focused on the environmental awareness of the staff, the community, collaborators, and clients; that allow to minimize the possible negative impacts of the activities to the ecosystems.

2. Society: 16 Principles aimed to ensuring the social well-being of the company’s employees, customers. This, through actions that may reach out to the community the wealth produced, in a transparent and honest manner; to maximize the positive and minimize the possible impacts of the activity to the population.

3. Economy: 12 Principles related to the establishment of businesses that allow the generation of decent jobs that allow their employees to have a quality of life. As well as those related to the growth and economic development of the company and partners through ethical practices with the environment and the local community.


Coral Restoration Lab1-min
Coral Restoration Lab2-min
Coral Restoration Lab3-min
Coral Restoration Lab-min
Coral Restoration1-min
Coral Restoration2-min
Coral Restoration-min
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Activities with NGO support Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration

Ecological Showers-min
Led Lamps-min
Waterless Toilet 2-min
Waterless Toilet-min
Waterless Urinal-min
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Efficient use of natural resources (water and electricity)

Elimination of plastic straws

Biodegradable Packaging
Biodegradable Packaging1
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Elimination of polystyrene

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Environmental education workshops

Biodegradable Cleaning Products

Partnerships with suppliers committed to the environment

Recycling Pet
Recycling Pet1
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Plastic bottles reduction

No Sunscreen Sign
No Sunscreen Sing
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Reduction of sunscreen use

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SeaWalls Sponsor

Seabed Clean Up1
Beach Clean Up
Beach Clean Up1
Beach Clean Up2
Seabed Clean Up
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Support for beach and seabed cleanups

Soap and Paper Dispenser
Napkins Dispenser
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Use of controlled devices for paper supplies

Biodegradable Cleaning Products
Reef Safe Sunscreen
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Use of environmentally friendly products

Waste Sorting

Waste reduction and sorting

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability policies please contact:

Sustainability Coordinator
Mobile 521.987.101.05.05
65th Ave. #216 Cozumel, Mexico

Commited to enviromental awareness through education!