Reef Restoration

It’s time to give back to the sea!

Help us to restore the coral reefs of Cozumel with a group of local marine biologists. Sand Dollar Sports has joined forces with “Global Coral Reef Alliance” (GCRA), “Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program” (CCRRP), “Minecraft Underwater World”, “Biorock” and Qualti AC to create Cozumel’s only Reef Restoration program and project.

Tour Description

Experts will provide you with a brief introduction to coral reproduction and coral restoration concepts. Part of your class includes an up close look at coral spawning and reproduction at our shore side aquarium along with a hand’s on program that includes assisting with any number of projects needed depending on whats needed at the time of your participation. Afterwards your guides will take you on a snorkel tour of our coral gardens where you’ll see coral transplanting or coral gathering and identification. You may also participate in beach clean-up activities, depending on the area’s needs.

After your participation in the restoration program you’ll have time to rinse off and relax on the beach. There is a restaurant and bar at the location with great local food and drinks (at guests own expense). Your guides and coral restoration team will be available afterwards for any further questions you may have. As you foster meaningful relationship with the community, you’ll celebrate marine life and help continue conservation efforts for generations to come . This is a great way to explore a destination, understand and preserve the local ecosystem, while protecting the environment. Activity would be in partnership with the local non-profit “Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration AC”. Proceeds of this activity support the Coral Farms program in Cozumel, allowing Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration to continue their efforts to replenish coral reefs, as well as educate and empower others to take care and better our ocean.

“Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration” certificate of participation is awarded to all participants.

What to Bring

  • Cash or credit cards for photo or boutique purchases.
  • Sun protection such as a hat, sun glasses a Lycra or Rash-guard clothing or a change of clothes for post activity.

Important Notes

  • Guests should know how to swim and snorkel . Guests with cardiac, pulmonary issues or back injuries must refrain from participating.
  • All sunscreens are prohibited at our location rash-guards are strongly recommended.

Reef Restoration


Adult $49
Child $45

Minimum Age

5 Years Old


3 Hrs