Sand Dollar Sports, pioneers in tourism sustainability

May 29, 2023

For over 40 years, Sand Dollar Sports has distinguished itself as a pioneer on coral reefs preservation and their ecosystem services. We are committed to environmental protection through tourism practices improvement, eco-efficiency measures and the development of the Cozumel community through free environmental education and recreational activities to children and young people. During the last 6 months our Sustainability area analyzed and quantified the efforts made in benefit of the Cozumel. The main results of this effort are:

  • We have supported the planting of +2,000 coral fragments since 2018 through the Coral Reef Restoration program.
  • Thanks to the change of water taps, toilets and our water care policies, we have saved up to 50,000L of water per year.
  • With energy saving politics and optimize our ships and land vehicles, we have saved 1.4 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to the consume of 2 houses with 4 inhabitants.
  • With our waste sorting policy, we send 100% of recoverable waste to collection and recycling centers.
  • With the ban of single-use plastics in our activities, we have avoided the production of 15,000 units (45kg) of non-biodegradable plastics (styrofoam, PET, PP, among others).
  • Sand Dollar Sports makes donations to schools, sport groups, and local artists, benefiting more than 100 people per year.
  • From January to May we have organized activities for 107 girls and boys from the Cozumel community.

By choosing Sand Dollar Sports, you choose a company committed to tourism sustainability and the well-being of the island of Cozumel.